Invited Speakers

Johann-Mattis List (Marburg)

“The LingPy library for quantitative historical linguistics: Background, theory, and application” Abstract

Jelena Prokić (Marburg)

“Modeling Dialect Change - Combining Regular Sound Correspondences and Geographic Spread” Abstract

Søren Wichmann (Leipzig)

“Bayes meets Levenshtein: a comparative performance study of character- and distance-based methods in linguistic phylogenetics” Abstract

Katarina Harvati, Gerhard Jäger & Hugo Reynes-Centeno (Tübingen)

“Words and Bones: correlations between phenotypical and linguistic distances between populations” Abstract

Maribel Hernandez Rosales (Leipzig)

“From Orthology Relations to Event-labeled Gene Trees and Species Trees” Abstract

Internal Speakers

Johannes Dellert

“Lifting a Large Multilingual Dictionary to the Level of Concepts” Abstract

Armin Buch & Johannes Dellert

“Using Computational Criteria to Extract Large Swadesh Lists” Abstract

Johannes Wahle

“Alignment and word comparison with Pair Hidden Markov Models” Abstract

Marisa Delz

“A theoretical approach to automatic loanword detection” Abstract