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The symposium will be held in the Prince Room (Fürstenzimmer) of the Tübingen Castle (Schloß Hohentübingen, Burgsteige 11). The castle is now part of the University of Tübingen and represents a commitment to interdisciplinary excellence. In 1869, Friedrich Miescher discovered nucleic acid in a laboratory formerly used as the castle’s kitchen. Today, the castle is home to the Institute for Classical Archaeology, the division of Ethnology, the Institute of Near Eastern Studies, the Department for Historical and Cultural Anthropology, and the university museum for ancient cultures (Alte Kulturen), and the Institute of Prehistory, Early History, and Medieval Archaeology. A guided tour of the museum is planned as an optional activity during the symposium. Visitors can see the newly restored castle kitchen and the exhibit on Miescher’s discovery. An optional guided tour is also planned to visit the osteological collections and high resolution computed tomography laboratory at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences (Rümelinstraße 23).

Tübingen castle panorama, view from the East  Tübingen castle entrance  Tübingen castle panorama, view from the South  Tübingen castle, Prince Hall  Tübingen castle, Prince room  Map


Accommodations for guest speakers will be at Hotel Hospiz (Neckarhalde 2, at the corner with Burgsteige), located in the historical city center and within steps to the castle entrance.


Transportation to and from the Stuttgart airport will be organized upon confirmation of guest travel arrangements. For guests planning their own itinerary, the information below may be useful.


Stuttgart Airport is the closest airport to Tübingen, with public transit connections via bus. Bus 828 reaches Tübingen in less than an hour and cost approximately 7 € each way. The bus stop is located at the arrivals level of the airport, only a few steps away from Terminal 1. It terminates at Tübingen’s main transit station (Hauptbahnhof). The Nonnenhaus stop in Tübingen is approximately a 5 minute walk to Hotel Hospiz.


Tübingen’s main transit station (Tübingen Hauptbahnhof) can easily be reached by train. You can plan your train travel, via the webpage of the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn).


Schedules and itineraries for travel within Tübingen and short-range distances can be planned on the naldo.de website. Different options exist for long-range travel to the  a search engine for these buses. The most popular bus companies are flixbus and deinBus.


When reaching Tübingen by car, hourly parking can be found in various parts of the city center. Several parking structures are within the range of the city center, including the Parkhaus Altstadt-König, located in Herrenberger Straße 2.